So, how does Amazing Eco-Decaf Happen?

It starts with our proprietary DFE Decaf Process, the next generation in coffee decaffeination. The process requires less energy, and finite resources than other decaffeination processes. The advancements have been made possible by redesigning key equipment components.

All decaffeinators follow the same four steps to extract caffeine from green coffee beans. The first step is steaming, then hydration, followed by extraction and ends with drying. All of the steps are done in 3 primary pieces of equipment which are used to pre-treat, extract and dehydrate the coffee beans. Each piece of equipment is designed to specifically achieve a desired result. The internal design is what differentiates the manufacturers.

Our proprietary DFE Decaf Process design enhancements allows us to extract the caffeine with minimal resources and energy requirements. We have drastically reduced our carbon footprint with our efforts. Our proprietary DFE Process has positioned QUUSAC as the leader in the decaf industry for the carbon emissions.

By using Green Chemistry, our DFE Decaf Process has achieved the incredible results in our flavour profiles. Our team has determined the optimal parameters to target the caffeine with surgical precision and remove it from the green coffee beans. We use proprietary Target Specific Extraction Technology (T-SET) in this step. T-SET not only extracts the caffeine with surgical precision, it can also be used to extract unwanted mould and fungi such as the one responsible for the production of naturally occurring chemical compounds known as Mycotoxins. The end result is a decaffeinated coffee overflowing with its natural flavours.

Our DFE Decaffeinated coffee is the best tasting decaf and has a low carbon footprint. Consumers also benefit from our process which gives them a decaffeinated cup of coffee that is free of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Our DFE Decaffeinated coffee is clean, fresh, healthy and eco-friendly. It is the socially responsible choice.